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    Eligibility for moderator status consideration:
    • At least 14 years old
    • Some type of experience with moderating
    • No concurrent permanent bans, temporary bans, or mutes.
    • Must be able to record at least 720p & >25FPS.

    Before applying, you should understand the following:
    • Your application should be unique to FactionsPvP.
    • Although we do promote people often, we are not always in need of new staff members.
    • Asking a staff member to look at your application can result in a denial.
    • You can reapply after two weeks of applying and being denied.
    • Don't lie, much of the information we can verify.

    1. Copy the application format and make a new thread on this forum.
    2. Fill out the application to the best of your ability.
    3. Create the thread and wait for a response.
    4. You will often get replies from staff members giving you advice to improve your application, don't ignore them.
    5. Within 1-2 weeks you will receive your application status. You can choose to have it removed or publicly archived by contacting A Manager.
    6. If you're disrespectful after being denied, you will be banned from re-applying.

    Basic tips when writing an application that will increase chances of approval.
    • Use good grammar.
    • Quality of writing is very important.
    • Formatting is important. If you use colors that are not highly visible, such as yellow or aqua, you decrease your chances. Bolding your questions is a good practice.
    • We like honesty. Be honest when answering all information, oftentimes we can verify your answers.

    This should be the last section you are reading. If you did not read the information above, go back and read it.
    IGN: ck129
    Rank: Member
    Age: 16
    Timezone: NA EST
    Do you have a microphone?: Yes

    When did you join?: I joined before the map released helping you guys out you make your server the best it can be.

    Do you have any previous or concurrent infractions?: No I do not

    How well can you screen share?: I can screen share decently I know how to look for some ghost clients but do not know how to check vape strings which I need to learn to do.

    Previous experience?: I am in the application process for staff on TheArchon and still waiting but if I get accepted on FactionsPvP before TheArchon I will leave TheArchon Application process and start right away on your server

    Why do you want to become a moderator?: I would like to be a Moderator because I am getting to the point in my Minecraft journey where I am just not wanting to play factions that much. But still finding myself wanting to play the game and become staff on servers just like yours so I thought why not start applying for servers and trying to make them better and make them clean of hackers, Doxers, ddossers and all other types of horrible things.
    What separates you from other applicants?: A lot separates me from other applicants like for instants I am on your server weeks if not months (hopfully it don't take months) before anyone ells is and that gives me a edge I will know the server better its commands, Rules and the owners and what they would like to see happen. Also as I stated I am in the application process on TheArchon as a staff member although Im not a staff member on there yet which means yes I don't have a lot of experience but I am a fast learner and will work very hard to achieve my goal of being a high ranked staff member on your server. Some more things that separate me from other applicants are that I am respectful and not toxic all the time I have know you two for years so yes you have seen the bad side of me being a dick head sorry for my langue. But I hope you can put that behind you and see that I am not toxic when I am a staff member representing you server you and the community I work for.
    Anything else?: I play football I like Dogs cant be around cats because I'm allergic to them
    my days are as followed

    Monday, Wednesday, Friday have school till 3:40 pm Est then work out till 5:30 EST be home by 6pm Est eat shower 7pm Est and the rest of my night goes towards watching over your great server.

    Tuesdays and Thursdays get out of school at 3:40 no work out be home around 4pm EST and then play Minecraft until 8pm get off do Home work and go to bed