Alright, so here we are... The release info for FactionsPvP is here. Thank you to everyone who has supported FactionsPvP so far.

Important Dates
➱ Releasing at 4PM EST on April 21st
➱ Grace period will end a week later at 4PM EST on April 28th.
➱ Outpost events will start at 3PM EST on April 30th.
➱ KOTH events will start 6PM EST on April 21st.

Faction Top Prizes
♛ #1.$1000 USD PayPal (Paid every week)
♚ #2. $300USD PayPal (Paid every week)
♜ #3. $200 USD PayPal (Paid every week)
Map will be 5 weeks long
First week will NOT count (No payment for first week)

Important features:

- Visible Border (10k by 10k)
- Flat End
- Cannot stack on the border
- Gen buckets
- 75 Players per faction
- 100 Power per player
- Daily KoTHs (Every 3 hours)
- Everyone gets faction fly
- /f stealth + /f ninja
- /f motd + /f member + /f coleader + /f global
- Faction recruit rank
- Faction co-leader rank
- 10 Alts online per IP
- Beautiful spawn + warzone
- Disabled natural spawned spawners
- Custom Enchantments
- Insiding is not allowed

World/Map Information:
➱ 10k x 10k Overworld Border
➱ 2k x 2k Nether Border
➱ 3k x 3k End Border
The overworld, nether, and end has no natural spawners, and will both be released at the same time. All worlds feature flat Y:1 bedrock. All members will have an equal chance to claim each corners.

Grace period ➱ TNT + Creepers will be disabled until 1 week has passed. TNT + Creepers will be re-enabled on April 28th, 4PM EST.

KoTH ➱ KoTHs will be starting the day on the first day at 3PM EST.

All McMMO skills that're not disabled will have a cap of 1000.
All Combat McMMO skills are disabled.

Faction Information

✘ 50 members per faction
✘ 100 power per member
✘ Everyone can fly in faction territory
✘ Coleader and recruit rank
✘ Larger /f map and /f motd

Events Information
✘ Koth is every 3 hours, koth crate
✘ Supplycrates is every 2 hours in warzone
✘ Outpost for access to outpost shop, better sell prices

We hope this is a successful first...
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