[OFFICIAL] FactionsPvP Media Application Format *MUST READ*

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    If you believe you are the right person to become a staff member on FactionsPvP, then you are in the right section. Becoming a staff member is a big responsibility and you need to have a strong understanding of how the server works, as well as being capable of dealing with a variety of scenarios.

    Requirements of becoming a staff member:
    - At least 14 years old. (Some exceptions may be made)
    - A dedicated player on the server
    - Easily reachable via Discord or Skype
    - Understanding of how to use the punishment commands correctly
    - Understanding of the function of the game
    - Familiar with the rules of the server

    Don’t ask staff members to read you’re application, it will be reviewed eventually

    If your application has recently been denied for any reason, you need to wait two weeks before reapplying. Take this opportunity to improve your behavior, increase your server knowledge, edit your application ETC.

    If you have been recently demoted from our Staff team, you need to wait three weeks before reapplying. Take this time to consider why you were demoted, how you can address that in the future, and whether or not you can offer something useful to our Staff team.

    If you reach all the above requirements to be able to apply for staff, you may copy the format and paste it into your own thread to create your application.
    Do not copy any other application and paste it into the one that you make here - it will be instantly denied

    Part 1 (Short answer questions, no detail required)

    Example: Hypixel

    Past Username(s):
    Example: HarryDaCake

    Example: 20

    Example: BST (GMT+0:00) / United Kingdom

    What rank are you currently on FactionsPvP?:
    Example: Kratos

    How long have you played on FactionsPvP?:
    Example: 17th March 2017 (1 month)

    Skype/Discord Username:
    If you'd like to keep this private you may, it will be requested if accepted.

    Part 2 (Please take your time with this, use relevant detail)

    Have you been staff on any other server before? If so; when, for how long, what position, and why did you leave the team?:

    What is your availability for being on the server?:

    Why are you (re)applying to become a staff member?:

    Explain what being a Helper means to you (That is, what is your job description?):

    What can you bring to the server? What makes you qualified for a position as you wish for?:

    Two Players start arguing, and the situation is escalating. How do you handle it?:

    Your friend was being disrespectful to another player after losing a fight in PvP. What do you do?:

    A player you really don't get along with says, "You're dumb!" after you kick him. How do you react?:

    A player is accused of hacking by another player, what steps do you take?:

    A player is spamming chat, how do you respond? If he continues, how do you respond?:

    Anything else you believe is relevant to include?:

    Best of Luck, From the FactionsPvP Staff Team
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Not open for further replies.